Who we are

At Ramoak we believe that software can be elegant – not only in the way that it looks to an end user, but in the way that it is implemented behind the scenes. While this may sound irrelevant from the perspective of someone using the software, the fact is that software well done will stand the test of time much better than software done quickly and carelessly. If your goal is to create software which will serve you well for many years to come, then we understand your needs, and can help you to achieve them, whether we participate in the actual development or not.

Chester, seen from Quaker Island

Why Ramoak?

There are two answers to that question – the first is why the name, the second is why use Ramoak for your software development needs? Let’s get the first quickly out of the way:

Ramoak is a word composed of two smaller words: Ram, and Oak. My grandmother named an island in the harbour where she grew up this, because her father used it as a place to keep the Rams away from the sheep when they needed to be separated, and the island had many beautiful oak trees.

Now for the second: why Ramoak should be your choice for software development. There are many reasons, but the best is that we care about you, about your business, and about delivering the best solution for your needs in the way that makes the most sense to you. Of course we also do a lot of other things really well, such as tease out requirements, manage an agile backlog well, code creatively but consistently and with excellent documentation, to ensure that it is still running for many years to come – but predominantly we care, and will take care, of your needs, delivering collaboratively with you and your team so that we all leave feeling the satisfaction of a job well done.


Simplicity and elegance in software design result in clean, efficient code that is easier to maintain, easier to extend, and more likely to be around in 15 years.


We would like to help you create a roadmap which suits your needs, reduces your costs, and helps you to be a leader in your field.


We demand more of ourselves, so that you don't need to. We insist on having your back, and on working tirelessly to make sure you are satisfied.